2019 Conference Presentations

James Slater Looking Ahead- Provincial Laboratory Services
Michael Noble Recording Laboratory Errors in BC
Julie Coffey Care Considerations for Inclusion of Gender Diversity within Medical Laboratory Services
William Godolphin and Darren LauscherRecognizing the Patient as a Care Expert
Sheila Woodcock Envisioning Change to ISO15189
Dan TholenUnderstanding Measurement Uncertainty
Liz McBride Risk and Safety in the Medical Laboratory
Lise MatzkeStandards and Biobanking
Mana Sharazi KiaQuality Control of Cannabis
Jean Frederic Flandin Taking EQA Education to their Country
Robert Rennie and Michael MulveyAMR Crisis
Robert MartinHelping LMICs through the Microbiology Barrier
Lucy Perrone Laboratory Leadership
Michael Noble Advancing Quality Education
Graham Segal The Need for Clinical Pathology Consultation in Primary Care
Garnet Horne Improving Quality in Surgical Pathology
Lucy Perrone Leadership Training Exercises
Isolde Seiden LongWhats new in MU: An overview of the ISO Measurement Uncertainty Standard TS 20914
Malcolm AshfordHow BCSLS Makes for Safer Technologists and Supports Quality Improvement