Microcertificate course on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing and Interpretation


Course Information:


  • Asynchronous, completely online via Canvas LMS, accommodating an audience based across many time zones, globally.
  • Learning objectives will be logically ordered into modules and supported by multimedia content to deliver principles and reinforce applied practices in the laboratory setting.
  • Each week 1-2 thought provoking questions will be posted on the learning management system discussion board which will be monitored and guided by a lead Subject Matter Expert (SME) who is currently practicing in the field of microbiology.
  • Students will interact with a different faculty lead/subject matter expert for each module of the course, and work through the curriculum together on a weekly basis.


  • 12 weeks long
  • Each module running time is not expected to exceed 6 contact hours.


  • Appropriate selection and collection of microbiology specimen
  • Isolation and accurate identification of clinically relevant bacterial pathogens
  • Biological mechanisms of action and of resistance to Antimicrobials
  • Review AST methods, Disk Diffusion, MIC broth microdilution and agar dilution
  • Understanding breakpoints, interpretive categories, and international standards & guidelines
  • Internal Quality control and Quality assurance for AST, cumulative antibiograms
  • Detection of intrinsic resistance, mechanisms of resistance and appropriate reporting
  • Selection of effective Antimicrobials based on laboratory information and clinical use case, including selective reporting.
  • Data utilization and practical and effective implementation in the clinic setting, Effective communication within the clinical management team (including site administrators)
  • AMR and One Health


  • Students should have a foundational knowledge of microbiology before considering enrollment.


  • UBC Continuing Professional Development office (UBC CPD)
  • The course has been awarded: MOC (Section 3) 72 credit hours

  • Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS)
      The course has been awarded: 4.1 CPS credits and 82 PEP hours

    • CAD 1450 (first year exclusive)


    • January 22, 2025

    For more information about the course please contact ast@pathology.ubc.ca