2017 – POLQM Quality Conference

Laboratory Quality in Challenging Times
The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine’s Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management hosted its 6th October Quality Conference at the Paetzold Education Centre at the Vancouver General Hospital from October 1-3, 2017.
The theme of Laboratory Quality in Challenging Times seemed to be appropriate. While the reality of medical laboratories for the past twenty-five plus years, seems that it is always challenging, we seem to be reaching a capstone point with shrinking resources, fewer (and aging) staff, increasing customer expectations and demands, new sources of competition, and disruptor technologies. Laboratory life is becoming a perpetual “Advil” moment. On a more positive note, we are seeing new and thriving signs of inspiration and initiative and innovation.
Tomorrow may yet be a better day!
The conference was attended by around 80 participants including students from the university and provincial institute of technology. While most attendees were from British Columbia, there were also laboratorians from across Canada and from the United States.