POLQM Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Laboratory Quality Management Certificate Program

The 2022 session of the Certificate Course for Laboratory Quality Management(LQM) has successfully finished in June. In addition to our anticipated 26 Canadian participants, we were also joined by 19 international participants, all laboratory professionals from Saudi Arabia, United Arab  Emirates, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago, and United States. It is a goal of the LQM program to provide current and relevant information to provoke conversation and discussion about laboratory quality foundations,  challenges, solutions and improvement by our participants. Post module and post course surveys have pointed to the positive value that the participants have seen in the course.

This year marks the LQM certificate programs’ 20th anniversary. Started in 2003, the LQM program was created by Dr. Michael Noble to meet the educational needs of medical laboratory quality managers. As of this year, the program has graduated more than 542 students with successful completion by more than 98 percent.  In addition to Canada, participants are from 23 countries around the world and haveincluded physicians, residents, technologists, newly designated quality team members and leaders, and research team leaders.

The mission and vision of LQM program  are Knowledge, Education , Innovation, Quality Improvement.  Over the years we have learned a ton about the power of on-line distributed interactive courses and understand why they are taking such a dominant role in adult education at every level.

The Laboratory Quality Management certificate program continues to have strong support from the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Management, from the new Program Director, Dr. Lucy Perrone, from Module Mentors, from the program coordinator, Maggie Ma, and the course participants.  This is strong evidence of a program with continuing success, now and into the future.