2015 LQM Conference – Presentations

James WilliamsHealth, Quality and the Law
Cinnie NobleConflict Resolution and the Culture of Quality
Conflict Resolution Approaches for a Culture of Quality
Liz McBrideQuality Today
Sheila WoodcockCelebrating Quality - International Quality Month
Michelle Preston Gathering information on Laboratory Quality-Part 1
Sandra ChowGathering information on Laboratory Quality-Part 2
Greg FlynInternational Quality
Robert MartinInternational Opportunities in Quality Improvement
David TurgeonEasing into Quality - a successful international model
Romina ReyesModern Tools 1
Leonora MarcellusTeaching Quality to Adult Learners
Virginia BandyOn-line Quality Educations
Michael NobleModern Tools 2
Quality Assessment
Jane DickersonDefining Risk in the Extra-analytical Phases
Luci BerteCounting the Costs of Quality and Poor Quality
Using the Costs of Quality
Robert RennieTesting the Testing Laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025)
Daniel TaylorCreating the EQA Network
Jennifer WonProficiency Testing and Tumor Markers
Colin SemplePlacing Quality at the Heart of the BC Laboratory Accreditation Standards
Titus WongSafety is a Quality Imperative
Michael KellyLaboratory Safety Standards and Guidelines
Bruce AndersonA Successful Laboratory Safety Incident Inventory
Clifford HarveyArchitectural Design for Better Laboratories